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Local Knowledge

Our experience with  governments, media markets, and industrial leaders from a multitude fo countries affords our clients an ability to effectively and efficiently navigate cultures and markets anywhere in the world.

Intimate Understanding

Whether we are connecting with a segment of the population on a public affairs campaign, or creating a sense of relevance for our client with key policymakers, our engrained sense of the audience positions you for optimum and efficient establishment of trust, relevance, and acceptance by the targeted audience.


From Washington, DC to Cairo to Beijing, or any number of other hubs of government and industry our team is leveraged at the highest levels across the globe.

Components of Success

Government holds opportunity.  

Let us empower you to succesfully pursue that opportunity!


Millfield Global Strategies leverages decades’ worth of experience throughout high levels of the public and private sectors, both domestically and abroad.  This experience has produced knowledge and relationships that comprise the very essence of what we are. 

All of our assetts are brought to bear for the sole purpose of effectively guiding our clients on direction, marketing, public policy, regulations, political hurdles, strategic development, opportunity identification, funding, financing, and teaming. 

Our in-depth understanding of the workings of governments and markets serves as a force multiplier, enabling clients to more effectively market themselves to key decision-makers anywhere in the world. 

MILLField Global Strategies LLC

Strategy  Access  Guidance  Results

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